Senate, House, and Presidential Election Run Wild As Bettors Double Down On Biden

Florida voters watch polls

Americans everywhere are on edge, with no clear presidential winner in sight. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have realistic paths to victory, and too many variables are in play to decidedly know when a winner will be declared.

Before we get into the presidential betting lines and hypothetical outcomes, let’s dive into what’s happening in the crucial Senate and House races.

Democrats hoped to unseat at least three Republican Senators and will need to unseat four if President Trump wins, and Mike Pence acts as the ex officio tie-breaker vote. The moneylines favored most Democrats in the tight Senate races, but election day has proven challenging for the Democrat’s dreams of controlling the upper chamber.

Here are a few of the odds from key senate races from yesterday.

US Senate Election Winner – Maine
Sara Gideon (D) -190
Susan Collins (R) +145

Susan Collins was considered the most vulnerable Republican Senate seat, and she fought against a heavily funded Sara Gideon. Now with 85% of votes counted, Collins leads Gideon by 51% to 42%.

US Senate Election Winner – Georgia (General Election)
David Perdue (R) -165
Jon Ossoff (D) +125

David Perdue leads Jon Ossof with 96% of votes counted and a 50.8% t0 46.9%.

US Senate Election Winner – Georgia (Special Election)
Raphael Warnock (D) -110
Kelly Loeffler (R) +190
Doug Collins (R) +325

Raphael Warnock still leads the special election race and will go to a runoff between Loeffler and Warnock at a yet to be scheduled date.

US Senate Election Winner – Colorado
John Hickenlooper (D) -800
Cory Gardner (R) +460

One of the significant Senate victories for the Democrats was in Colorado.

US Senate Election Winner – Iowa
Joni Ernst (R) -250
Theresa Greenfield (D) +185

Joni Ernst was in the political fight of her career but managed to hold onto her seat.

Meanwhile, Republicans Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham defended their seats. Democrats lost races in Montana and Texas as well. The House of Representatives is a somewhat different picture. Democrats are poised to regain control of the House, but their expansion predictions are being smothered. Instead, Republicans have unseated House members in South Florida, Oklahoma, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Minnesota.

And finally, the presidential election odds have been going crazy. The sportsbooks extended their betting deadlines, understanding that vote counting will take a long time. Six states hang in the balance: Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina.

2020 Us Presidential Election Winner
Donald Trump +250
Joe Biden -350

US Presidential Election 2020 Winner
Joe Biden -460
Donald Trump +315

Biden is favored heavily and leads the states of NV, WI, and MI. Meanwhile, Trump leads in GA, PA, and NC.

Biden leads the electoral college with 238 projected votes compared to Trump’s 213. Trump needs to win PA with three other states. If Trump loses PA, he needs to sweep five of the six deciding states. Biden can win with NV, WI, and MI. If Biden takes PA, GA, or NC he has a clear shot to 270.

Pennsylvania will likely become the deciding state. With court battles underway on how and when to count absentee ballots, some expect a drawn-out re-run of the Florida 2000 vote and a possible Supreme Court ruling. We will keep you updated as the events unfold.

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