Everything You Need To Know About Betting On Political Elections Safely And Legally

A political building As politics has always been a critical part of society, political betting has been a natural byproduct of governments as the public speculates as to who will lead their communities and the behavior of these individuals. Here we examine a few key aspects to further understand the skeletal structure of the political gambling industry and utilize these universal tools to better your chances of success.

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Latest Political News

Facebook Bans Voting Misinformation Leading Up To Midterms

By Admin | October 22, 2018
Facebook logo on glass

In an attempt to limit the widespread influence of voting-related fake news, one social media network introduced a new policy in hopes of combatting misinformation this upcoming election. On Monday, October 15, 2018, Facebook, the largest social network platform in the world with 1.5 billion users logging on daily, announced it will ban all false reports on requirements for voting, long wait times for voters, […]

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Odds Favor Kavanaugh Confirmation Following Senate Hearing

By Admin | September 28, 2018
Kavanaugh being sworn in during hearings

It looks we have our next Supreme Court Justice if you value the oddsmakers. As of Friday morning, September 28, 2018, odds heavily favored Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed as the next United States Supreme Court at Yes (-350) and No (+275), meaning a wager on “Yes” for $350 wins $100 and a wager on “No” for $100 wins $275. The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled […]

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Why Bet on Politics?

Politicians in a debatePolitical wagering is a great betting market because it reveals the attitudes of the public towards their leader. It is also a great method of securing sizable payouts based on proper research. The political betting market is at times the most predictable because historical trends can reveal future outcomes of various elections and political events.

Types of Bets

The most popular types of bets include:

  • Moneyline bets- bets on who will win the election outright.
  • Futures bets- bets placed far in advance on a future event. This bet can have the smallest risk with the biggest payout.
  • Propositions bet- Unique bets developed for specific events.

Regional Politics Covered In This Guide

This site will cover major political events from a variety of regions.  We will look at critical elections, political parties, and individual candidates. As we continue to develop our content for political betting relevant on a global scale, you will see the regions added below.

United States

Betting on the USA political elections is a growing area of the gambling industry. This section of our guide will provide in-depth information on the Presidential elections, Senate elections, House elections, and Gubernatorial elections including the types of bets to place, factors to consider, current odds, tips for betting on each particular election and analysis of select candidates. Visit our USA Political Betting Guide for more information.

Factors to consider when Placing Political Bets

Understand the type of government in which you are betting. In all bets, research the political betting odds. Although they are not the only guideline for making political bets, they can aid in gauging public opinion.

In moneyline bets, evaluate the social climate and popularity of candidates. Also, consider their power to influence the public and their constituents.

In futures bets, consider the likelihood of different factors occurring before the event takes place and what other influences are likely to sway the outcome of the event.

In propositions bets, research the history of behaviors or actions of individuals before betting on what the individual will do next.

Tips for Political Gambling

Do not chase losing bets. Staying level-headed and maintaining detachment is vital when gambling on politics. It is important to not bet with emotions, but rather with logic and information on the event that is taking place. However, utilize intuition when necessary. Do not bet on every election; bet on the ones you are most likely to win. Specialize as much as possible in various areas, whether it be on certain types of elections or in certain regions. Specialization will better your chances of success rather than placing bets on a whim for hopes of payouts.

No matter where in the world bets are placed, the information and tips provided here will aid your political betting endeavors. Be sure to check the table above for reliable, safe, and secure sites to bet globally.

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