The Official House of Representatives SealThe gambling industry is preparing for a new surge of participants as the midterm elections near. As voters race to the polls for midterm elections, bettors are racing to political betting sites to wager on which party will control the House of Representatives. This portion of the guide will provide useful information and tips on how to bet on midterm elections for the House of Representatives.

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Is Betting On House Elections Legal In The United States?

Legal scale iconBetting on midterm elections for the House of Representatives is legal in the United States. In the holding of Murphy v. NCAA, the Supreme Court overturned the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act, thereby reinforcing states’ sovereign power to regulate industries within their borders, including the gambling industry. States are allowed to legalize sports betting and many sportsbooks include political elections.

Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, and Mississippi have legalized gambling and have fully operational sportsbooks. Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia have legalized gambling but have not yet launched their gambling operations.

In addition to betting on sportsbooks within the United States, it is also legal to bet on midterm elections utilizing offshore sportsbooks. Utilization of offshore sportsbooks is legal because the United States does not have jurisdiction over offshore sportsbooks. Sportsbooks also offer betting lines on Presidential elections, Senate elections, and Gubernatorial elections.

An Inside Look: Odds About Who Will Control The House

Currently, there are 241 Republicans and 194 Democrats that comprise the 435 members of the House of Representatives. In November 2018, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be up for election and 218 members of one political party must be voted in to have a controlling authority of the House. Due to the historically low approval ratings of President Donald Trump, many polls forecasted a “blue wave”. During a blue wave, many Democratic officials will be elected to take back control of the House of Representatives and ultimately determine the legislative agenda for the next two years.

However, President Trump’s approval rating is steadily rising as the economy flourishes. The prediction of the blue wave diminishes as the House elections near and Republicans sit comfortably on a 47-seat cushion over their Democratic counterparts. Polls will continue to fluctuate as House elections near, but both parties have a substantial chance of controlling the House after November as 218 members are needed for a political party to have the controlling vote.

A Peek Forward

As of April 2018, 55 representatives have decided not to seek re-election. 38 Republicans and 17 Democrats are totaling the almost record number that plan to forfeit their seats. In addition, to that number, Republican Representative Blake Farenthold of Texas and Democratic Representative John Conyers of Michigan have resigned. This gives the Democrats a bit more leverage as the gap of 46 seats between the two political parties dwindles to 27 seats. The 38 Republicans that are leaving the House of Representatives are the most that have left the House since the 1930s. As 218 members must belong to one political party to control the House of Representatives, the party that will become the majority is increasingly becoming a toss-up as elections near in November.

Factors To Consider When Betting On House Elections

Factors to consider include the effect that political officials of each bipartisan party have had on the American society within recent memory. Consider the reputation of the current president as their success or failure is a constant deciding factor in the popularity of the corresponding political party and the associated political candidates.

Also, consider the current state of the economy. The majority of people mistakenly gauge the current success of a President by how well the economy is doing during his tenure. Although this is not a relevant factor to consider when voting for members of the House of representatives, it is an excellent factor to consider when betting on House elections. Lastly, consider public opinions and social climates leading up to and during the time of the House elections.

Factors That Influence The Political Betting Odds In House Elections

Factors that influence US political betting odds in House elections would be who is running against the current members of the House of Representatives. Recent events such as the passage of certain federal laws or national threats to security could also influence betting odds within the House of Representatives. Lastly, the reputation of each candidate and the relationship they enjoy with their state citizens will ultimately secure or relinquish their seat in the House of Representatives.

House elections are a great way to plant seeds into the fresh soil of the political gambling world. Consider all factors listed and conduct much research before placing a bet on what candidates or party may win in midterm House elections.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Role Of The House Of Representatives?

The House of Representatives comprises half of Congress. Their function is to initiate spending bills, make laws alongside the Senate, and they reserve the power to impeach officials.

2. When Is The Next Election For The House Of Representatives And How Often Do They Occur?

Elections for members of the House occur every two years. The next election will occur November 6, 2018.

3. How Can I Bet On House Elections?

To bet on midterm elections in the House of Representatives, utilize offshore sportsbooks and sportsbooks in jurisdictions where sports gambling has been legalized.