The Official House of Representatives SealThe gambling industry is preparing for a new surge of participants as the 2020 elections near. As voters race to the polls for 2020 Presidential election, bettors are racing to political betting sites to wager on which party will control the US House of Representatives after the November general election.

Here, we provide useful information and tips on how to bet on the 2020 elections for the United States House of Representatives. With all 435 seats up for grabs, there should be more betting lines than ever before.

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Is Betting On House Elections Legal In The United States?

Legal scale iconYes, but only if you use an offshore election betting site to do so. Some Las Vegas casinos offer odds on political elections as a form of advertisement to attract the attention of gamblers, but domestic sportsbooks in the USA do not accept wagers for election results.

Gambling laws at the state and federal level do not attempt to govern overseas betting sites that offer their services to bettors inside of the USA, therefore it won't get political bettors into any trouble when they do so with an international sportsbook. Americans can use these sites to legally bet on Presidential elections, Senate elections, and Gubernatorial elections.

Note: Residents of WA and CT are technically barred from all online gambling, though these mandates have never been enforced, and all the best offshore books will accept new members from both states. That said, we recommend abiding by all local gambling laws and signing up to bet on elections (and other sports and entertainment odds) only at your own risk.

2020 Betting Odds For Who Controls The House Of Representatives

In the run-up to the 2020 congressional elections for the US House, there are currently 197 Republicans and 233 Democrats that comprise the 435 members of the House of Representatives (including four vacancies and a Libertarian). A simple majority is needed to control the House – and thus the legislature's lower chamber initiatives – which means that Republicans need to flip 18-19 seats.

The four vacancies above are all from GOP strongholds, so this assumes that the party maintains those districts. Of course, the Libertarian in congress, Justin Amash, infamously voted to impeach Trump and then broke from the party, so he seems to align more with the left than the right, which gives Democrats an even bigger edge there. Regardless, most political betting sites heavily favor continued Democratic control in the House, so much so that the line has been removed from the boards due to lack of action placed on it.

Factors To Consider For US House Betting Odds

When placing any political wager, and especially when betting on the US House of Representatives races, you need to do a good bit of research. Remember, most House elections won't be featured at sportsbooks, as they are considered "foregone conclusions." The incumbent retention rate in the House is greater than 90 percent, which means that most election betting sites simply won't carry the majority of races. Betting is all about competition, and if there's no real competition, you shouldn't expect a line.

However, in every US House election cycle, there are a few dozen seats that are legitimately up for grabs. You can use various polling sites to find out which are the likeliest seats to flip, and you should research voter opinions in the states and districts where existing representatives are struggling or new potential candidates are surging. In other words, you've got to handicap these politicians before they handicap you!

The research you'll need to do to get a real edge when betting on US politics includes the following, and you should study each aspect to make an informed wager in any tight race:

  • Local political atmosphere
  • Up-and-coming candidates in battleground districts
  • Long-term district trends by party
  • Current Senate and gubernatorial control
  • Polling site data
  • News sites/narratives (pay close attention to the comments sections)
  • Candidate Twitter feeds and responses
  • PAC support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many members are in the US House of Representatives?

There are 435 members in the US house of representatives, and this is based on the population of each state. As such, California has the most US House reps (53), while seven states only have one rep each: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.

2. Is the House of Representatives Republican or Democratic?

As of mid-2020, the US House is controlled by Democrats, who hold a 37-seat advantage over the GOP. The Republican Party would need to flip 19 or so seats (and hold on to vacancies) in order to take back the House, which is an outcome that most USA political betting sites and bettors find to be unlikely.

3. What is the role of the US House of Representatives?

The US House is the chief lawmaking body in the legislative branch of the US political structure. The House introduces legislation (that is, they propose and pass laws), initiates investigations, has impeachment powers, and can also repeal existing laws and mandates. While the US Senate must confirm every bill that comes out of the House, the House is considered to be the most powerful political body in the United States.

4. When is the next election for the House of Representatives?

US House representatives are up for election every two years, and the next House election is slated for November 3, 2020. This is the same day as the 2020 Presidential election, multiple Senate and gubernatorial elections, and countless local elections nationwide.

5. How can I bet on US House of Representatives elections?

You can bet on House of Representatives elections by using any reputable offshore sportsbook listed here. Domestic sportsbooks do not take action on politics (even if you see something like "Vegas political odds" advertised), so offshore sportsbook sites are your best and only option. Fortunately, they're also your best bet, because they offer a lot more than just political odds. The most trustworthy operators cover every market from sports betting and entertainment odds to casino gaming, tournament poker, horse racing, and more.