Govern electionsAs voters polarize at the polls and become impassioned about the future of America, every level of politics is experiencing a surge in involvement. With diverse demographics entering the polls in unprecedented numbers, now is the best time to become involved in all governmental elections, including the gubernatorial elections.

As public interest in political races grows, Americans are also becoming more involved in political betting options offered for betting on the 2018 gubernatorial elections.  Once state primaries begin to take place, the odds for upcoming Governor races will begin to surface. It is not unusual to see futures odds posted far ahead of the election.

Top Sportsbooks For Betting On 2018 Governor Elections

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Is Political Gambling Legal In The United States?

Legal scale iconThe Supreme Court held in the case of Murphy v. NCAA that the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act banning sports gambling is unconstitutional. Essentially, they gave states sovereign power within their own borders to enjoy freedoms to ban or allow sports gambling. This is significant because states that allow sports gambling enjoy the liberty of allowing political gambling as well, including gubernatorial elections, Senate elections, Representative elections, and more.

In addition, it is also legal to bet on sportsbooks that are hosted offshore. Betting on offshore sportsbooks is legal because the United States has no jurisdiction over offshore sportsbooks.

What Is The Role Of The Governor And the Significance Of The Upcoming Gubernatorial Elections?

The role of governors varies in each state dependent upon the constitution within each state. Most governors head the executive branch within their state as well as hold veto powers in the process of congressional redistricting lines.

In November 2018, thirty-six elections will be held. This is significant because the governors that are elected will still be in office during the upcoming 2020 census. During the census, redistricting lines will be drawn which affects the outcome of Congressional and Presidential elections thereafter.

Why Bet On Gubernatorial Elections?

Betting on gubernatorial elections is a great way to get involved in the political arena without necessarily affecting the outcome of the elections. Voting is a great way to express the desired outcome. However, gambling is a great way to invest in the perceived realistic outcome.

Key States On The Radar

States that are on the radar are states that are equally likely to have a Democratic or Republican governor following the 2018 midterm elections. Tossup states include Alaska, Connecticut, Michigan, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, and Minnesota.

Factors to Consider When Betting On Gubernatorial Elections

There are numerous factors to consider when betting on gubernatorial elections. Some factors include the voter trends of political parties within each state and the stakes of the current gubernatorial election. Very similar to presidential elections, it is important to consider the social climate of the American society when the gubernatorial elections occur. It is also important to consider events within the states’ borders and the current state of the economy.

Factors That Influence Political Betting Odds

Factors that influence US political betting odds include who is running for the position as governor, the reputation of the governor, and how their actions reflect on their political party. Also, political agendas and associations play a huge role in the potential success of the candidate. For example, many Democratic politicians align themselves with Trump in red states. This may appeal to the Trump voting base that won Trump the presidency in that state and may also win the governor a position in office.

Betting on gubernatorial elections is a great way to reap profits of political betting. Be sure to conduct much research in order to place an informed bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If political betting is illegal in my state, how can I place legal bets?

You can utilize online sportsbooks to place legal bets as long as they are hosted offshore, meaning they are not hosted in the United States.

2. Which states have legalized domestic betting?

Currently, Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, and Mississippi have legalized sports gambling within their borders. Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia have also legalized sports gambling but have not launched their gambling operations.