impeachment-odds iconThe most popular political betting market of 2019 was, without question, Presidential impeachment. And, of course, that continues even today. As a result of seemingly endless House inquiries into Donald Trump’s alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors,” impeachment has been dominating the mainstream media like never before. And that means that the best offshore sportsbooks are offering impeachment betting odds.

If you want to legally and safely wager on Donald Trump impeachment, you can do so at any reputable online betting site that operates outside of US jurisdiction (as domestic sportsbooks do not offer political betting odds of any kind). Signing up is quick and easy, so if you think The Donald is in for it, you can get in on it, too!

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Current Joe Biden Impeachment Odds

Any President can be impeached, but the current hotness is obviously Trump impeachment. If you’re looking for impeachment odds on President Trump, you will only be able to find them at the most trustworthy online political betting sites.

Of course, you’ll notice that different sites have different lines, as each operator adjusts their odds to reflect the unique betting action taking place on their boards. Remember to always shop lines to find the best impeachment betting odds possible.

Is It Legal To Bet On Presidential Impeachment?

You can legally and safely engage in Presidential impeachment betting at licensed offshore sports betting sites. These services operate outside of US jurisdiction, so laws like the Wire Act (1961) and the UIGEA (2006) have no impact on their ability to offer real money political betting to US residents.

Note: Washington and Connecticut are the only two US states that have laws against all forms of online betting. If you live in either state, you can still sign up and wager on impeachment at offshore betting sites, but caution is advised. While no WA or CT resident has ever been fined or arrested for betting over the Internet, you must proceed at your own risk, lest you yourself be impeached!

Trump Impeachment Odds According To Democrats

Donald Trump impeachment failed the first time around, though nearly 85% of polled Democrats supported the case against him, while only nine percent of Republicans felt the "Ukraine Call" merited the investigation.

Impeachment, by its very nature, is intensely partisan, and one of the reasons that sportsbooks had Trump's impeachment betting odds favored while his conviction and removal odds were massive longshots is because of the House and Senate makeup at the time.

With a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, impeaching Trump seemed inevitable. However, with a Republican majority in the US Senate, convicting him seemed a near impossibility. The political betting odds reflected this perfectly, and that's exactly how it played out.

Trump Impeachment Odds According To Republicans

In 2019, after taking flak for his phone call with the Ukrainian president about potential crimes committed there by Hunter Biden (and, tangentially, Joe Biden himself), Trump called for his own impeachment with a White House spokesman, stating that a Senate hearing is the only way the POTUS would get a fair shake to make his case:

“President Trump wants to have a trial in the Senate because it’s clearly the only chamber where he can expect fairness and receive due process under the Constitution.”

That turned out to be true, and Trump was acquitted by the upper chamber. Only nine percent of Republican voters supported impeachment, and far fewer than that supported removal from office. Ironically, Trump being impeached – and being found innocent – improved his reelection odds dramatically before the COVID-19 and George Floyd riots threw his administration another curve ball.

Will Trump Be Impeached Again?

That depends, and we're baffled that offshore election betting sites aren't offering odds on this yet. It's safe to say that if the Democrats maintain the majority in the House after 2020, and Trump wins reelection, he'll be impeached once (and maybe twice) more.

Trump Impeachment 2 might even happen before the 2020 Presidential election as a political ploy to damage his campaign. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has floated the idea of impeaching Trump over his coronavirus response (largely rated as among the best in the world) and his response to the George Floyd riots, where he differentiated between peaceful protesters and violent looters.

However, there is little chance Trump could ever be removed by the Senate, even if the left takes the upper chamber. This is because removal requires 67 votes, and there's no rational way for Democrats to pick up over 20 seats when only 23 Republican seats are up for grabs in 2020. That would be wildly unprecedented, to say the least.

Why Don’t Domestic US Betting Sites Offer Impeachment Odds?

Domestic US betting venues and websites are popping up all around the country now that sports wagering has been federally decriminalized. However, a few wagering categories seem to be off-limits, with political betting being one of the most notable excluded markets.

While individual states could allow political betting, most have explicitly disallowed it. The rationale is unclear, but it likely has to do with political propriety, as legislators are unwilling to “cheapen” their posts by allowing individuals to place wagers on House of Representative's odds or US Senate odds.

State legislatures are also out of bounds (aren’t they always!), as are all manner of political props and futures, including Presidential impeachment. Offshore books reliably cover these markets, however, so you can always bet on politics online.

Are Impeachment Odds Always Available?

Impeachment odds haven’t always been available, as the impeachment process itself is very rare at the Presidential level. As a result, you’ve only typically found impeachment betting opportunities during a particularly polarizing or contentious presidency, or when a President has been credibly accused of committing an impeachable offense.

That said, Trump could be establishing a new norm, and American politics are more divisive than ever before. In the future, with the precedents set in the current media and political landscapes, impeachment odds may be a perennial sportsbook offering, especially given their popularity at the betting boards.

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