Presidential Election Betting Clock Winding Down And The Perfect Political Parlay

Trum-Biden faceoff

In the political news world, the Trump and Biden teams are heading off in the Midwest for the last day of campaigning. President Donald Trump and Democratic hopeful Joe Biden tackle the Midwestern states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Unprecedented spikes in coronavirus cases, problems with mail-in and early voting, and voter suppression accounts coupled with election fraud conspiracy circulate the American media.

Recent surges in COVID-19 cases have generated more uncertainty around the world’s reoperation from the pandemic. Many European countries, including Great Britain, are enforcing new quarantine and lockdown measures. In the US, health officials worry that easing restrictions along with the winter climate will create big problems down the road.

In just the past few days, the US reached a daily record number of coronavirus cases, over 90,000 new infections in a day. The Biden campaign continues to attack Donald Trump on this front, while Trump’s administration tries to shift focus to a working vaccine’s proximity. It remains unclear as to any verifiable timeline on the availability of a vaccine.

There has been much anxiety over the election process, and the different problems election officials have encountered. Some Americans have lost their trust in electoral integrity altogether. Polling stations are already reporting that counting will not be done by November 3rd, and a winner may not be decided until a few weeks afterward.

Yet, Americans are still flocking to the polls in record amounts. Early voting in 2020 has vastly outpaced early voting in 2016. If vote counting takes too long, there’s a possibility that the legislature may exert their constitutional authority and vote on the next President themselves.

That’s not all voters are worried over, however. Voters also anticipate what election day will look like with possible unofficial election observers unfairly monitoring the polls. There is also concern by some over salient civic unrest from BLM movement protests bleeding over to the election. Lastly, voters also fear the possibility of voter intimidation and suppression on election day.

While these possibilities are scary, it’s essential to acknowledge that many voters should experience a peaceful and uneventful election day. Now let’s look at a few different political election props from our top-rated sportsbooks, of which we here at PAB speculate on the perfect parlay matchup. First, the lines on the Presidential candidates.

2020 US Presidential Election Winner
Donald Trump +130
Joe Biden -170

US Presidential Election Winner
Joe Biden -180
Donald Trump +150

Trump has continued to shift the odds on these lines toward his favor. This is the last opportunity to bet on this line, and we expect another underdog upset like in 2016. If you’re setting up this parlay, consider wagering on Trump.

Now couple this bet with Joe Biden winning the popular vote, and you have the opportunity to maximize your bankroll. If Hilary won the popular vote in 2016, you could bet that it will happen again for Joe.

Party To Win Pop. Vote In The 2020 Election

Democrats -700

Republicans +400 Lastly, consider parlaying these two with the Senate control election prop. Democrats are locked into a few key races that may grant them majority control of the Senate.

Majority Control of the US Senate
DEM Senators in 117th Congress -150
REP Senators in 117th Congress +110